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The Team that Transforms Students’ Lives

Jeanette Gerber

Jeannette Gerber

Personal Learning Coach & Master Tutor

Jeannette left a successful career in global finance to dedicate her life to teaching, coaching, and mentoring.

In 2006, she founded Smart Test Prep; established a unique and highly successful learning and test prep curriculum; and has since helped transform hundreds of students into effectively aware learners.

Jeannette offers office hours to her students for life and takes great pleasure in hearing how the smart strategies have shaped students’ lives in college and beyond.

Fun facts about me:

  • English is not my first but my fourth language. I also speak Swiss German, German, and French fluently and another five languages (🇪🇸, 🇯🇵, 🇸🇮, 🇮🇹, and 🇮🇱) at various skill levels.
  • A graduate of the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, I am the first in my family to have pursued higher education.
  • Some mornings before work, you’ll spot me enjoying a cappuccino & croissant at First Village Coffee in Ossining.
  • My favorite pastime is pulling clay on my pottery wheel.
  • Among other things, my husband Matko (a woodworking artist) and I make our own lemon balm and elderflower syrup, jar jams and preserves, hike with our dogs at Teatown, dog sit for our friends, watch films at the Jacob Burns Film Center, and tend to our vegetable and flower gardens.
Chelsea Finger

Chelsea Finger

College Essay Expert & Tutor

Chelsea is a graduate of Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism and former reporter.

Initially working in an administrative role, Chelsea quickly became so inspired by the effect of Smart Test Prep strategies on students that she not only decided to start tutoring, but has dedicated herself to pursuing a Master’s Degree in Secondary Education at Pace University.

Fun facts about me:

  • I used to report on Westchester schools, businesses and art events for local news outlets.
  • I play the piano, listen to all kinds of music genres, frequent the theatre, play volleyball with friends, and love spending time with my big, boisterous family.

Our Interns

Every year, we offer our highly sought-after internship program to several HS seniors. The program provides an opportunity for motivated students to gain marketable career and people skills and develop confidence

Why Our Students Refer Their Friends

I gained confidence beyond academics.

Briarcliff Manor student
Studied at Smart Test Prep during HS junior year

Smart Test Prep made me realize that everything I learn is connected: math, science, reading, grammar, history. Since coming here, my learning has become much more effective.

Ossining first generation student
Studied at Smart Test Prep during HS sophomore/senior years

I thought that I was doing well enough in class and got good grades. Now I realize that I’ve never been challenged.

St. Ursuline Student
Studied at Smart Test Prep during HS junior year

Before Smart Test Prep, my testing confidence was low. I would frequently second-guess my choice, which would ultimately result in wrong answers.
Then I learned that most questions can be broken down and made considerably easier by looking for recognizable patterns. By applying logic to eliminate incorrect choices and proving those that are correct, my confidence in my answers on tests in school—and on the SAT—improved significantly.

Croton-on-Hudson Student
Studied at Smart Test Prep during HS junior year

I feel like I’m learning much more efficiently and lessons are so much more focused. I really like the fact that we focus on what we need to work on and there is no busywork.

Croton-on-Hudson Student
Studied at Smart Test Prep during HS junior year

Every strategy and topic I had been taught at Smart Test Prep I now apply in college, which makes freshman year not nearly as challenging as I had expected.

Ossining First Generation Student
Studied at Smart Test Prep during HS sophomore/senior years

Why Parents Recommend Us

Bringing my children to Smart Test Prep is the best investment I could have made. My son was offered half of his college tuition because of his improved grades and test scores and my daughter – after initial hesitation – has finally learned to appreciate academic rigor.

Ossining Parent of First Generation Students

Smart Test Prep taught my son that having a strategy is the first step to overcoming challenges, the second step is to connect all learning.

Briarcliff Manor Parent

We do not all have rockstar academic children, so while you think your high-school student might not be college-bound or test-ready, Jeanette’s life-coaching skills are equally as amazing as her test prep prowess.

Bronxville Parent

Jeannette was the first person to treat my daughter as an adult and helped her take on more challenges. My daughter wouldn’t be so successful in college without everything she had learned here.

Croton-on-Hudson Parent

Jeannette’s approach and her soothing environment make me want to sign up for lessons myself.

Sleepy Hollow Parent

I first contacted Smart Test Prep to get my son prepared for the ISEE. After seeing the effect this positive learning environment had on him, I signed him up for the entire schoolyear. Within a year, he improved his grades from the high 70s to the high 80s. The first quarter of Freshmen year, all his grades are As and B pluses.

Ossining Parent

Building Blocks of a Transformative Learning Experience


connect new concepts to current knowledge by asking smart questions


master new strategies and concepts by regularly testing them


review results analytically, without judgement


build a support team that promotes accountability

Failure Immunity

turn mistakes into steppingstones to future success

SAT or ACT? – It Depends!

While the tests look and feel differently, preparing for them greatly overlaps. Understanding the key differences and taking a practice test of each will help informed decision making. Colleges accept both tests equally, without preference. About 2 out of 3 test takers do equally well on both tests and sign up for both.

3 hr 50 min
5 sections
Total Time No. of Sections3 hr 35 min
5 sections
• Reading: 65 min
• Writing: 35 min
• Math (no calculator): 25 min
• Math (with calculator): 55 min
• Essay: 50 min
Time per Section• English: 45 min
• Math: 60 min
• Reading: 35 min
• Science: 35 min
• Essay: 40 min
4 passages
• 44 Qs / 35 min
• 11 Qs per passage
• some include data sets
Multiple choice
• 60 Qs / 60 min
• 15 Qs per passage
• No calculator:
• 15 multiple choice
• 5 grid-ins
• With calculator:
• 30 multiple choice
• 8 grid-ins
MathMultiple choice
• 60 Qs / 60 min

(no TI89 calculator)
• 4 single & 1 pair of passages
• 52 Qs / 65 min
• 10–11 Qs per passage (or pair)
• some include data sets
Reading• 3 single & 1 pair of passages • 40 Qs / 35 min
• 10 Qs per passage (or pair)
n.a.Science5–7 passages
• 40 Qs / 35 min
• 6–8 Qs per passage
optional, 3 scores of 2–8 pts ea. (not incl. in overall score)EssayOptional, 1–36 pts (not incl. in overall score)
Only the math questions go from easy to hardOrder of DifficultyOnly the math questions go from easy to hard
No penalty ➝ answer allWrong Answer PenaltyNo penalty ➝ answer all
Reading & writing: 200–800
Math: 200–800

Total score (sum): 400–1600
ScoringEnglish: 1–36
Math: 1–36
Reading: 1–36
Science: 1–36
Total score (avg): 1–36
1059 / 1068National / NYS Averages (2019)20.8 / 24.5
ModerateTimingModerate (English & Math)
Tight (Reading & Science)
College BoardRegistrationACT
SAT CompositeNational PercentileACT CompositeNational Percentile

We expect more and more schools to offer paperless ACTs and, starting soon, the ACT will allow students to:

  1. retake individual portions of the ACT (computer-based testing only)
  2. report their own super-score

Flexible Plans
Demanding Schedules

Ad Hoc Sessions, a Timed Package, or a Full-Year Program?

At the End of the Diagnostic Assessment, we Help you Design a Custom Program.

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Learning & Test-Taking Skills are Transferable Across Subjects and Tests

Our Personal Learning Center has Reopened with the Following Safety Procedures in Place:

  • Before each visit: students sign off COVID Protocol, fill out questionnaire, have temperature taken, & use hand sanitizer at entrance
  • During each visit: we all use our own writing material, wear masks, & are seated 6-feet apart
    we assign a dedicated college drinking glass & swatch for practice tests
  • After each visit: we clean all tables, seats, doorknobs, bathroom, & any other exposed surface
    we schedule our sessions with 15-minute gaps to minimize student interaction & leave time to clean

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